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Tips for Buying a Used Aircraft

Whether you’re purchasing a used aircraft to increase your income or to simply fly yourself anywhere you want to, it’s important to carefully consider your choices. You need to ensure that you purchase the right aircraft to meet your needs. The following are some tips to help you do just that.

1. Determine your budget and stick to it

This is probably the most important step in purchasing a plane. You need to determine just how much you can spend on the aircraft.

Aside from the cost of the purchase of the actual plane, there are several other expenses that you will need to consider. These include documentation, insurance, licenses, aircraft fuel, tie-down or hangar rental, safety accessories, oil and much more. These operating costs will help you determine whether just how much you will need for the purchase.

2. Determine what you need

Many people interested in purchasing an aircraft often make the mistake of choosing a plane that they would like to have as opposed to what they need. While you may desire to have large private jet, you may be better off with a small, light and practical aircraft such as the Cessna 182.

Consider factors such as what you will be using the airplane for, where you will be flying it and if the aircraft parts are easily available for the maintenance of the plane.

3.Determine whether you can handle the operating costs for the plane

Will you be able to keep the airplane running for the long haul? Consider the costs of maintaining the airplane. There are fixed costs such as loan repayments and insurance which are unchangeable. There are also variable costs such as maintenance, fuel, oil and repair costs which may increase over time.

4.Take it for a test flight

Organize to take the plane for a test flight. It doesn’t matter how many hours of flying you have under your belt, you should have an aircraft maintenance technician in tow. They should not only inspect the aircraft but also, come along with you for the flight. This will help you determine if there is anything wrong with the plane. The technician will also help you determine how much will be required for the maintenance of the aircraft.

With these tips, you can begin your search for your aircraft and ensure that you make an informed choice.