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The Essential Aircraft Engine

People in the aeronautics industry recognize the Lycoming engine as a sign of quality and engineering brilliance. Gone are the clunky old aircraft electrical systems of the past. Today's systems employ a lighter aircraft alternator which has eliminated the complex meters and wiring of yesteryear.

An aircraft alternator provides a rotating magnetic field in a stationary coil that generates the electricity needed to fly aircraft. The Lycoming engine is popular for various reasons like its engineering and craftsmanship and the outstanding service and assistance through its support network.

Perks of owning the engine

The engines offer worldwide support. The support is excellent and consumers are offered clear instructions about how to properly care for the engine. Owners know that there are highly trained technical support options only a phone call away whenever they need it.

Engine owners are kept abreast of new technology, changes, and other important information via the network. There isn’t just one type of support needed by all alternator and engine clients. For this reason, customers are put in contact with partner companies to address all needs, whether its equipment, service, or some other support needs.

Another advantage of this type of engine is the hands-on training the manufacturer offers. Engine owners are offered up-to-the-minute training for pilots, mechanics and other operators. This enables them to always keep updated and well-versed in any needed upgrades. Consumers are supported by purchase and through ownership.

Knowledge and parts

Whether the needed parts for an engine are tappets, crankshafts, cylinders or any other part, partners have engineer owners covered and repairs or upgrades can be quickly done. Having an engine overhauled or rebuilt are also options available to owners. Registered owners are privy to a support network which surpasses any other.

Technical manuals and a comprehensive database are other features registered owners may access. These aerospace service bulletins and maintenance guides are published to provide unparalleled access to information which supports the engines they have purchased. Knowledge is power, and aircraft engine and alternator owners are provided with a wealth of it.

An aircraft engine is a complex piece of engineering which requires proper maintenance and operation. When choosing a type of engine, always look for companies that provide the most complete support and access to knowledge available. The result will be continued high performance from some of the most complex machinery in the world.