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Important Checklist for Small Aircraft

Sometimes it seems like the more seasoned pilots are the ones who need an aircraft checklist the most. It makes sense that it would be this way, because when you do something often and everything is fine each time you do it, you tend to not take the task as seriously. However, when it comes to checking your aircraft before taking off in flight, there should never be a shortcut. Take the time to check everything, and then enjoy a safe flight. Never assume that everything is working as it should be.

Before flight

  • Fuel – Make sure that you have checked both of your tanks.

  • Take a look at your gauges to make sure that they are as they should be.

  • Make sure that your instruments are set.

  • Do a test with your radio.

  • Fasten your seat belt.

  • Make sure that certificates are on board the plane and displayed where they can be seen.

  • Ensure that you are in compliance with all the rules and regulations as they pertain to you and your aircraft. It is your job and your responsibility to do so.

Ready for takeoff

  • Is your landing gear down?

  • Have you checked your cowling?

  • Always check your flaps

The above list is not a complete list, but it's a great start. You should take the time to create your own checklist for your individual aircraft. The most important thing to remember if you own an aircraft is that safety comes first. If you are ever in doubt, go back over your training manuals to ensure that you have checked everything. You should also have your plane property maintained and serviced according to manufacturer's specifications.

Last steps

Communicate with air traffic control or other pilots around you. It is important that you are out of the flight pattern of any other aircraft in the area. The sky is a big place, but everyone has to use common sense and courtesy in order to keep it a safe and secure space.

You will soar through the sky with more peace of mind when you take the time to go through all safety requirements. You will be keeping yourself safe, and those who share the sky with you. Finally, enjoy your flight. It is a wonderful, almost magical feeling to fly across the sky. Many people wish or dream of having the same experience that you are able to have.