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Benefits of Owning a Cessna Plane

The Cessna aircraft company was well known for making small aircraft that was piston powered. The company was founded in 1927 and remained until 2014. That's quite a run for any company. During the years that these planes were in production, they were very popular, and they still are. Two of the most popular models are the Cessna 310 and the Cessna 421. For those who are interested in these planes, learning more about them is both interesting and educational. Models of Cessna planes can vary greatly, even though they are manufactured by the same company.

Basic Information about the Planes

  • Cessna 421 holds 6 or 7 passengers. This plane was manufactured in the 1960's. Later variations were able to hold up to ten passengers.

  • Cessna 310 holds fewer passengers, the maximum for this plane is four to six seats. The 310 was manufactured between 1954 and 1980.

  • The 310 is a twin-engine monoplane. Monoplane means that the plane had a single pair of wings.

  • The 421 is a twin-engine plane as well.

  • The top speed of the 310 model is 220 MPH. The top speed of the 421 is 276 MPH.

  • The Cessna 421 is considered a top of line charter flight, used by many charter companies for light travel. The 421 was made as an updated version of the older Cessna 411. The 421 is pressurized, where the 411 was not.

Travel Where and When You Want

The most common reason for owning your own plane is the freedom that it gives you. You can go where you want, when you want, and you can take along the passengers that you want to. You're able to avoid much of the stress that comes with being a passenger on a commercial aircraft. For example, you don't have to worry about going through security, or making connecting flights on time.


Having your own plane is exciting and exhilarating. Owners will experience a sense of freedom that most only dream about. Owning a Cessna can be a dream come true for many who are able to obtain their pilot's license.

If you've had dreams of flying and taking family and friends on vacations, the Cessna is a wonderful choice. You'll be free to travel on your own time and your terms, and you'll have plenty of fun doing it.