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Aircraft Guage & Magneto

Are some parts on your airplane worn out? Are you looking for the best local place to purchase a new aircraft gauge for your Cessna? If these questions apply to you, then you’ll be excited to learn that one of the best-known aircraft parts retailers is right here in Bedford, PA. Since 1947, Bun Air Corporation has been repairing planes and selling aircraft parts in the area. Our reputation is proof that we stand behind what we do. No matter if you want to purchase a new magneto or need to have your Cessna serviced, we’re the best place for the job.

When it comes to aircraft parts, we’ve got them all in stock right here at Bun Air Corporation. We are proud to be the number seller of new Cessna parts throughout town. From a new aircraft gauge to better landing gear, we sell it all. Our prices are as low as possible, and you won’t find a more educated, helpful staff anywhere else.

We are also excited to offer aircraft maintenance here at Bun Air Corporation. It’s our goal to provide you with everything needed to keep your plane up in the sky. Our technicians have the hands-on experience needed to get the job done right the first time.

If you’re needing to buy a new magneto or want to have your aircraft serviced, we hope to see you here at Bun Air Corporation. We conveniently located at the Bedford Country Airport in Bedford, PA. Don’t forget to head over to to browse our vast selection of aircraft parts. We carry everything, even parts that are difficult to find. We are known for being a Cessna authorized service center, and because of that, you know your airplane is in good hands with us. All our techs are highly skilled and the best in the business. Your business is valued by us. Call us soon if you’re looking for a rare part for your plane.

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